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This is an officially licensed computer adaptation of the well known board game, "The Manhattan Project", designed by Brandon Tibbetts, and published by Minion Games.

Originally, this was only available for iOS and Android. But, since Windows was our main development platform, a PC version of the game has existed from the start.

James Mathe (of Minion Games) and I always felt it was a shame that nobody got to play the PC game, as in many ways it was the best version. We talked a few times about just releasing the PC game for free, but ultimately I always rejected the idea. I didn't want the PC game to eat into the already small revenue I was getting from the Android and iOS versions.

Fast forward to today. The iOS and Android versions have both long been de-listed for one reason or another, and I haven't made money on them in years. As well, since the initial release, the game has gotten a number of upgrades and I think it might be nice for users who only saw that first mobile version to maybe see how the project has improved.

The biggest change from those days though, and the saddest, is that in 2019, James Mathe passed away. When I heard the news I couldn't help but think back on our brief time working together, and his desire that I just put the PC game out there.

So it's more than a bit late, but here it is. I am releasing the PC game for everyone to freely download and play. Clearly, I've long missed the peak opportunity for doing this (James was the better businessman by far, and I should have done this when he suggested it), but in this time of isolation, perhaps there is still value in having it out there.

And for the technically minded, I am also releasing the source code. If you decide to poke around in there, please be sure to read the License.txt document. And if you are interested in compiling the game for yourself, I've included BuildInstructions.txt too.

I hope all this is welcome news to you, and that get to spend time with this game again or for the first time. And if you enjoy it, I encourage you to buy the physical game if you don't already have it. It's a beautiful and well made game, by talented and well deserving people!

- Mark F. Domowicz -

January 23, 2021

P.S. If you enjoy this, you might also enjoy my (unofficial) computer adaptation of Aquire, Achoir, also free!


The start of a new game.


In-game, zoomed-in view.


In-game, zoomed-out view.


A review of every player's moves.


The rulebook is included, for easy reference.


Yellow wins!